Starting in 2012, we’re bringing the paranormal conference to YOU!  We live full-time in our RV motor home, so home is literally anywhere we park!  This unique living arrangement allows us to visit and host events at locations that might not otherwise host an event.

We’re on tour and looking for allegedly haunted properties in locations across the country to host events at for groups from 20 people on up.

If you have a location in mind, or are a property owner/manager interested in hosting a GhoStock Paranormal Conference,  please comment below, or drop us an email - or call 678-524-7537

See you on the road!

-Patrick and Marley

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  • Jenel Lynch says:

    Hi, I would like to suggest a location for a future Ghost Stock. Colonial Williamsburg is full of history and ghost, as is the near by Yorktown battlefield in Virginia. I think both would be excellent locations for an investigation.

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